New CP69 Series: Powerful and Durable Industrial 1” Impact Wrenches

  • The Chicago Pneumatic CP69 series is one of the most powerful, durable and comfortable 1" industrial impact wrench range in its class.

    With a simple range of 2 models, pistol and D-handle , the new CP69 series is the ideal product range for industrial maintenance and heavy duty applications where power and reliability of the tools matter. The overall quality, ensured by the Japanese manufacturing know-how, allows us to announce 3-times more durability!

    The CP69 impact wrenches have been redesigned to resist harsh environments, and dust exposure. Delivering up to 1920ft-lbs of torque [2600Nm] with 700 powerful Blows Per Minutes (BPM), it matches virtually any industrial or heavy maintenance operations needs in the oil and gas, petrochemical or mining sectors.

  • Greater tool reliability is supported by the addition of a powerful pinless rocking dog clutch mechanism, lubricated by a new oil bath, as well as a long lasting motor with high-quality finishing steel rotor and end-plates. The new clutch housing in aluminum alloy, protected by a rubber front cover, adds on to greatly enhance the CP69 Series’ robustness.

    The new CP69 series is the only range of pneumatic 1” industrial impact wrench, pistol and D-handle, which combines power, durability & comfort in a very competitive value pack to meet heavy maintenance needs and industrial applications, from the simplest operations to the most demanding ones.

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    CP69 Series Features
    CP69 Series Features