New CP82 Series: robust, comfortable and versatile composite impact wrenches

  • The Chicago Pneumatic CP82 Series is a robust, comfortable and versatile composite impact range covering most of the industrial maintenance needs.

    With a complete range of 9 models, covering from 3/8” up to 3/4” square drives with ring, pin or even quick change socket retainers, the new CP82 series is one of the most versatile product ranges on the impact wrench market today.

    Combining a robust design for harsh environments, various ergonomic features, such as a suspension bail, low noise level and a full teasing trigger, the CP82 series will perfectly fit any type of industrial maintenance operations in oil & gas, petrochemical or mining applications.

  • Delivering from 59 to 1217ft-lbs of torque (80-1650Nm), the CP82 series will match both your basic and demanding needs. Try it and feel the difference!

  • CP82 Series Features
    CP69 Series Features