Heavy hydraulic breakers

  • Chicago Pneumatic Heavy Hydraulic Breakers
    RX hydraulic breakers are reliable with all the power you need to get the job done, and more.

    They are rough, tough and built to last. The smart design of the RX hydraulic breakers with few components and only two moving parts, offers a high grade of availability and reliability. Thanks to the RX recoil absorbing concept and the polyurethane insulted breaker box system, RX breakers are amongst the most silent breakers on the market and in line with the outdoor equipment directive 2000/14/EU.

    RX is a breaker that will handle the toughest jobs, in all weather – year in, year out.

    Features & Benefits
    • Hybrid technology for higher impact energy
    • Internal control valve for higher efficiency
    • Power booster for higher performance and lower vibration
    • Central lubrication port for easier maintenance
    • Dual retainer bars for higher reliability
    • Dust wiper and ventilation port for better dust protection
    • Rock claws for better wear protection
    • PowerControl Plus for optimized performance and protection
  • Options
    • Dust wiper
    • CP-lube for optimum grease distribution

    Used for medium and heavy industrial demolition, building renovation, road construction, rock excavation and mining applications.

  • Heavy Hydraulic Breakers Literature
    Part Number Description Carrier class Service weight Oil flow rate Operating pressure Impact rate (PowerStop) Working tool diameter Sound power level guaranteed
    - - t kg l/min bar bpm mm dB(A)
    3363112391 RX26 20-33 1800 130-180 150-170 380-650 140 122
    3363112431 RX30 25-40 2200 150-200 150-170 380-620 150 122
    3363112606 RX38 29-46 2600 180-220 160-180 380-590 155 124
    3363113876 RX46 35-55 3000 210-270 160-180 380-580 165 121
    3363113838 RX56 45-70 4200 250-320 160-180 350-570 180 126