• Chicago Pneumatic Refrigerated Air Dryer CPX Series
    CPX - Refrigerated air dryers

    Sized to handle 12 to 2966 CFM, the CPX dryers fit any application. Extremely quiet and reliable, CPX dryers deliver dry air with minimal pressure drop.

  • Chicago Pneumatic High Temp Air Dryer CPXHT Series
    CPXHT - High temp dryers

    A perfect complement to the RCP. With a maximum inlet temperature of 180°F, no aftercooler is required.

  • Chicago Pneumatic Absolutely Dry Air CPAD/M Series
    CPAD/M Series - Absolutely dry air

    Saturated compressed air enters the dryer and passes over the desiccant, where moisture in the air is adsorbed onto the desiccant beads providing dew points of at least -40°F.

  • Chicago Pneumatic Filters

    To protect your investment, equipment and processes, CP Compressors has developed a complete range of particulate, coalescing and adsorbing filters which efficiently reduce all types of contamination with minimal pressure drop.

  • Chicago Pneumatech Regenerative Air Dryers
    Pneumatech Regenerative Air Dryers

    Pneumatech’s regenerative air dryers can provide you with clean, dry air to extend the life of your equipment and products.