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Services Overview

  • AirGen Equipment Parts

    At Airgen, we provide quality performance parts that meet the highest of standards for most major brands.

    • Air Filters
    • Oil Filters
    • Separators
    • Lubricants
    • Hoses
    • Hose Reels
    • Pressure Gauges & Switches
    • Belts
  • AirGen Equipment Sales

    As a distinguished leader in providing Chicago Pneumatic compressed air and generators, we provide the very best to our customers. Airgen Equipment is dedicated to finding the right product for your needs; whether it be new or used, we can provide the best fit for your business.

    Chicago Pneumatic offers a warranty on all new compressor and generators.

    • Chicago Pneumatic
    • New & Used
    • Chicago Pneumatic Warranty
  • AirGen Equipment Service

    Airgen Equipment has certified technicians that are factory trained to perform the best service for your equipment. We supply quality parts and service which surpasses the expectations of our customers. Airgen Equipment services the complete West Texas area, including the Texas panhandle and into South Eastern New Mexico.

    • Certified Technicians
    • Servicing West Texas, Panhandle & South Eastern New Mexico.
  • Chicago Pneumatic compressors generators light towers forklifts

    Airgen Equipment offers 24/7 rentals on air compressors, generators, light towers and forklifts; whether your needs are emergency, temporary or a standby basis, we are here for you. Contact our rental department for pricing and availability.

    • Offers 24/7 Rentals
    • Contact AirGen for pricing & availability
  • AirGen Equipment Air Line Installation
    Air Line Installation

    Airgen Equipment provides the highest quality air line installation in the Permian Basin. Compressed air piping systems are used to deliver compressed air to the point of usage. Compressed air needs to be delivered with enough volume, appropriate quality and pressure to properly power the components that use compressed air. A poorly designed air system can increase energy cost, promote equipment failure and reduce production efficiencies. At Airgen, we can install your air compressors, dryers, receiver tanks and air piping so that you get the most from your investment. Contact us today for an air line installation quote.

  • AirGen Equipment Compressed Air Surveys
    Compressed Air Surveys

    We understand that air compressors are responsible for many processes in today’s business; we are here to identify compressed air system inefficiencies, maintenance issues and product quality concerns. A major problem in compressed air systems is the presence of water, oil and solid contaminants which can affect air quality and lead to rust, scaling, instrument clogging, stuck valves and process contamination. Airgen Equipment can access the efficiency of your air lines and eliminate issues reducing operating costs and improve productivity for your business. Contact us today to schedule an air survey for your business.